is your home Bursting at the seams?

when it's time to move up to a larger home:


Rightsizing Your Home is the process of moving from your existing home to a new, either larger or smaller, home that best fits the lifestyle you want to have NOW, whether you are an expanding family who has outgrown their first home, or empty-nesters who no longer want all the extra space they have. I use a formula that is both an art and a science for getting your home sold for the most money possible while minimizing your stress. Here are the added perks I give my clients In Addition to what every other agent, including me, does to help you buy and sell a home:  

2. For clients who buy and sell a home with me within a 12 month period, I offer a discounted commission. This can result in significant savings, and make your home sale even more profitable. 

3. Even in a hot sellers market, the goal is to get as much as possible for your home. One of the ways to do that is have it look the best it can. Staging can help you do that. With me, you can stage your home now and pay for it at settlement so you have one less expense while you are moving.  My program also allows you to do any necessary repairs or renovations of your home, before putting it on the market, but You Won't Pay for the Services Until Close of Escrow. Not only that, but you will have me acting as your own personal General Contractor, keeping things on track. 

1. I can show you how you can buy your next home first, before selling your existing home. I have a few different options to share with you so you can avoid selling your current home and having nowhere to go!  

I care about my clients and I won't just disappear once the transaction is complete. I am with you every step of the way, to assure that you have smooth buying and selling transactions and an overall positive experience.  AND I'll be there, long after you are settled in to your new home, if you need any tips or advice on home maintenance, area recommendations, or any other questions you may have. 

4 Great reasons to"Rightsize and save" with me!

4. I want to make sure you make the right decision about your new home, so much that if you don’t love your new home, and want to move again, within 12 months of when you bought it, I will sell it for you for free. Terms and conditions apply--like you still have to pay other fees when you sell--the buyer’s agent, title charges, etc, and you also have to use me to help you find you replacement home.